October 30, 2014

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Why Should I Care About Water Conservation?

The fact that water scarcity is probably one the most crucial problems than needs to be addressed in our fight for climate change makes water conservation a defining concept for our long-term sustainability. This infographic summarizes the important issues about water scarcity and why we should start to care about how much time you spend showering every day.

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Infographic » How much water is used in our daily activities?

How much water is used in our daily activities? This infographic gives us some food for thought and illustrates some good examples so you can begin to calculate your footprint and try to reduce your gallons.

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New Report Maps Climate Change Vulnerability Index

A new world map based on a report published by UK think tank Maplecroft earlier this year maps ‘The Climate Change Vulnerability Index.’ The map shows the fastest growing populations most at risk from environmental impacts

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Solar Panel Program in Bangladesh Boosts Profits and Local Business

Bangladesh has a serious power problem. Nearly half of its 162-million population does not have access to electricity, but a new non-profit organization is making a difference. Their new solar panel program trains village women to install and repair solar panels and electrical outlets on homes and businesses.

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The End Of Poverty?

Today, global poverty has reached new levels because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies. THE END OF POVERTY? asks why today 20% of the planet’s population uses 80% of its resources and consumes 30% more than the planet can regenerate? Can we really end poverty under our current economic system?

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A Billion Acts of Green for Earth Day

In an effort dubbed “A Billion Acts of Green,” organizers encouraged people to observe Earth Day 2011 by pledging online athttp://act.earthday.org/ to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve the planet’s health — from switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs to reducing the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

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Shrinking Lake Chad Turning Farmland into Desert

  Africa’s Disappearing Lake Chad Lake Chad, once one of the African continent’s largest bodies of fresh water, has dramatically decreased in size due to climate change and human demand for water. Once a great lake close in surface area to North America’s Lake Erie, Lake Chad is now a ghost of its former self. […]

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world water crisis map by regions

Infograph » World’s Water Crisis

Today is World Water Day. This marks another year when water gets less attention than oil, and the coming crisis becomes more severe. Through the Middle East and parts of America and Asia, water is a physical scarcity. In Africa and other parts of the southern hemisphere, water is an economic scarcity, which means an adequate supply is not economically feasible. So please help spread the word and we can try to divert interest from the blood thirsty oil conflicts towards the real global problems that affect the future of millions of people in this ailing planet.

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Animation » An Illustrated Definition of Biodiversity, Ecological Footprints and Ecosystems

Not just another nature film Just what do terms like biodiversity, the Ecological Footprint and ecosystem services actually mean, and what do they have to do with our daily lives? The film was produced by WWF for the launch of the 2010 Living Planet Report and narrated by British and actor and comic Stephen Merchant, […]

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Future Without Fossil-Fuels Is Possible » Start The Energy [R]evolution

Greenpeace have mapped out a worldwide plan to switch the world to a completely fossil-fuel free society and expand to include the 2 billion people worldwide that are now left without power in this current fossil-fuel based energy system. The plan is ambitious but simple…

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{ Video } Online War Against Global Warming » Unleash The Swarm!

This optimistic and principled film explores how we could use new Internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change. Through analyses of swarm activity and social revolution, ‘Coalition of the Willing’ makes a compelling case for the new online activism and explains how to hand the fight against global warming to the people.

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The Age of Nations… How Old Would You Be If You Were a Country?

This is an article that was written a while back by an Argentinian correspondent to one of Spain’s main newspapers, El Pais. It is a brilliant piece of writing that explains in human terms the complex relationships that countries of this planet have with each other. The original text was written in spanish, so to […]

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Oil Deal in Ecuador Stops Drilling in The Rainforest

Ecuador Signs Historic Deal To Keep Oil in the Soil and CO2 out of the Atmosphere Ecuador have signed and agreement  with the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) that will open an international trust fund to receive donations supporting the government’s proposal to keep some 900 million barrels of oil in the ground. The heavy […]

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Sandbag building solution

Architect Nader Khalili dug from an unexpected source to propose a possible sustainable solution for the housing of the future.

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