October 29, 2014

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Elegant Green Roof Concept School in Denmark Blends Nature with Architecture


Green roof elementary school

Image © Bjarke Ingels Group

Here is a stunning new concept school that almost seamlessly blends architecture with nature.

Acclaimed Architect Bjarke Ingels through his company BIG, presents a design for a new elementary school in Asminderod, Denmark. Set against an undulating hillside, the future Vilhelmsro School seems to redefine traditional outdoor school facilities. The sloping landscape and the building’s sloping roofs merge into one continuous amenity space allowing the children to interact with their school but at the same time, retain a strong connection with nature.

It’s a fitting design given that the school focuses on teaching through nature and sustainability. The undulating massing gives a natural break in the planes allowing glazed areas to fill in the eye-shaped sections; this floods the classrooms and common areas with daylight.

The green roof also benefits the school through very good thermal massing allowing the building to remain cool when temperatures outside rise and to retain heat for when the temperature outside drops. Also the green roofs increases biodiversity in the surrounding areas as well as contributing to minimize surface water run-offs.

green roof concept sketch

image © Bjarke Ingels Group

green roof school design

image © Bjarke Ingels Group

To view more projects » BIG

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