Solar Panel Program in Bangladesh Boosts Profits and Local Business

Here is another great story from CNN which proves that sometimes the simple idea using complex technology can ultimately create the most benefits.

Bangladesh has a serious power problem. Nearly half of its 162-million population does not have access to electricity.
Light can change lives, which is why the residents of this small village are beaming about one project that is harnessing the power of the sun.
Grameen Shakti a non-profit company in Bangladesh is introducing solar power, borrowing power, and girl power to the villagers all at the same time.
The program trains village women to install and repair solar panels and electrical outlets on homes and businesses.

This kind of job will help the women and they will be able to contribute financially to their family. –Monowara, trainee solar installer

And the solar power program is self-sustaining — the cost of the panels pays for the training of the local technicians.
Solar power isn’t just being used in homes here in fact nearly every single business along this street is using it and some are making much bigger profits because of it.

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local bangladeshi woman installing a solar panel

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